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Test Centre Introduction  

State building and sanitary ceramics Quality Supervision and Testing Center is the only professional in the national building and sanitary ceramics and accessories-level inspection authority. 10 years, the center has been responsible for building and sanitary ceramics industry of the nation's quality supervision and spot checks of national tasks, and various types of testing operations, while the Centre has also undertaken national building and sanitary ceramics Standardization centralized management of the building and sanitary ceramics National Standardization Technical Committee Secretariat located in the center responsible for the technical standards for the industry's system of standards Publicizing revision and implementation supervision.

The center and office sites with a total area of 980m2, 20 laboratory, accounting for 780 m2; Office 3, accounting for 80 m2; Archive Room 1, accounting for 15m2; sample bank one, accounting for 70 m2. Center equipment 67 (set), the value of 1.2 million yuan, of which 12 sets of imported equipment (sets), the value of 700,000 yuan. The total fixed assets of 2 million yuan now center.

Center has 17 full-time staff, including 5 senior engineers, 6, 3 assistant engineers, technicians 2. Technical staff account for 88% of total number of center.

Centre in the years of work, the establishment of a more applicable to the work of the quality system of the center, and work constantly improved and perfected. And the establishment of the corresponding organization, the Centre consists of Business Department, Examination Division, Ministry of standard quality and comprehensive department. Developed a "Quality Manual" and the management of program files and technical program files, to achieve program management, ensuring the impartiality of the inspection center, science, and efficient.

Various types of ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, water tank fittings, faucets, toilet seat ring and lid plastic products such as quality inspection;
Related R & D and sales of testing equipment;
The quality standards of consulting and training.

Arbitration test;
Certification testing;
Fixed test products;
Routine inspection commission.

Quality Policy
Fair, scientific, honest, efficient!

Quality objectives
Provide the community with fair, scientific, accurate and quality inspection reports, to provide warm and thoughtful, high quality and efficiency of inspection services.

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